"We’ve gone on hundreds of dates, hundreds. We’ve gone on doctor’s lounge dates, subway commute dates, medical conference dates…"


I think the best part of the Hockey Fandom is that it IS “the hockey fandom”. We don’t separate ourselves into “the hurricanes fandom” and “the devils fandom” or into “the NHL fandom” and “the OHL fandom” or anything else. We are all one united family. And that’s why the hockey fandom is amazing.


Deep down i knew it was true. My my wife never came home.

Well, I guess you have to get home and feed your parrot.
Shawn, I don’t have a parrot.
Well, in that case…

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captain swan + gazing into each other’s eyes profiles


shaun white & torstein horgmo


shaun white & torstein horgmo

Killian babysitting for Emma

Lisbon & Jane - 1x11 // 6x16 

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