I love how he still waits to kiss her back until he’s sure that’s her full intention. And I love how she get’s almost all the way to his lips and then waits for him to come in to her. They are both so careful and mindful of the other person, they both want the other person to be ready for this. It’s really just so beautiful. I cry.

                                  “You’re safe. I’m here.”

Season 1 + Season 2 = Season 3.

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so on ncis la we are just gonna be okay with densi making reference of them sleeping together? and future pregnancy without actually seeing the ship being.. shippy.

and i just


1x05, 1x07, 2x08, 7x04


do you ever go down your dashboard, see hot people everywhere, then look at yourself and get really sad


Love eyeballs

She loves him so much and I can’t handle it.

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we’re not our masks, and we need  p e o p l e  on our lives that don’t wear one

The entire time I was gone, I could never trust some one. And for the entire time that goes on, and you don’t see people… and when I decided to come home, I didn’t know how to turn that off. And then I walked into your office. You’re the first  p e r s o n  I could see as a  p e r s o n.
There was just something about you…